Blocked Drains Ashbury

Are You Looking for a Blocked Drain Specialist in Ashbury?

Ashbury is filled with great examples of Federation homes, Art Deco homes, and Californian bungalows which make this a popular suburb for those looking to live in an architecturally rich area. Ashbury has a charming, small village feel which will make you forget how close you really are to the Sydney CBD. 

We Use the Following Technologies to Clear Your Blocked Drain


CCTV Camera

Putting a CCTV camera into the drain means we can easily locate the source of the blockage in your drain. We’re then able to easily plan what steps to take next to clear the drain. 

Pipe Locating Equipment

A pipe locator is used alongside the CCTV camera to locate the point of blockage and provide possible solutions to the problem. 

RootX Treatment

Also known as a ‘tree root inhibitor’, RootX is a sodium foaming root control which is an effective and safe way to kill off the roots which are blocking your drains. It foams on contact with water to kill roots, prevent regrowth, and restore pipe flow. 

Water Jetter & Hot Water Jetting Equipment

Sends a high-pressure jet of water into the stormwater/sewer line. Its heads can be swapped out for different uses (to break down roots or rinse debris, grease, and sludge away). 

Electric Eel

We feed a metal cable into the stormwater line/sewer. We rotate this cable until it cuts the root growth and releases the debris that was blocking the line. 

Pipe Re-Lining

The ultimate sewer, drain, and stormwater pipe rehabilitation. A new pipe is placed inside the old one’s cavity in a process called Cured-In-Place-Pipe Inversion relining. 

We push a liner through the existing pipe cavity that has been filled with a proprietary epoxy lining. As the lining winds through the pipe, it unrolls to the size and shape of the inside of the cavity and is able to adopt a new pipe within the old one. The epoxy is set in place to form a hard shell and leave behind a new pipe that is even stronger. 


What Services Does Sydney Emergency Plumbing Offer? 

We offer services for blocked drains, hot water plumbing, roof leaks, gas leaks, bathroom plumbing, kitchen plumbing, appliance installations, strata plumbing, smoke alarm installation, and much more! 

Please visit our website for a full list of services: 

Do You Offer a Warranty for Your Work? 

Yes, at Sydney Emergency Plumbing, we offer a 12-month warranty on all our blocked drain services. The warranty ensures that we will reassess and fix any recurring problems without charge (within 12 months of the initial service). 

What Problems Can Block Drains Cause? 

Blocked drains are one of the most common problems that plumbers get called out for. Although it’s usually a generally simple problem to fix, it can still cause a number of inconveniences such as:

  • Bad smells. 
  • Water stains. 
  • Burst pipes. 
  • Stagnant water. 
  • Flooding. 
  • Sewage discharge. 
Who is Responsible for Plumbing Repairs When Renting? 

If you’re renting, the landlord or homeowner is responsible for all plumbing repairs. Contact your real estate agent to inform them and the homeowner that you need a plumber to come out for an inspection and repairs. 

Can Block Drains Cause Low Water Pressure? 

Blocked drains can have an impact on the water pressure as they can reduce the amount of water flowing through the pipes. Water usually gathers in one part of the pipe instead of moving freely through them and exiting the tap. 

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