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Blocked Drains in Sydney?

Blocked Drains in Sydney?


With over 20 year’s experience, Sydney Emergency Plumbing is the blocked drain clearing specialists. If you’re struggling with a blocked drain, we can take care of it with our specialised equipment and clear the problem for you, all while providing a 12 month warranty on our work*! 


Blocked Drain

We use the following technologies to clear your blocked drain:
  • CCTV Camera
  • Pipe locating equipment
  • Rootx treatment (a tree root inhibitor)
  • Water jetter and hot water jetting equipment
  • Electric eel
  • Pipe re-lining

We promise:
  • Fixed price servicing of your blocked drain
  • Regular fixed price maintenance to prevent future blocked drains


For fast, same day service, call Sydney Emergency Plumbing to have your blocked drain cleared TODAY.

As our name suggests, Sydney Emergency Plumbing operates 24 hours/7 days a week to service all of your plumbing needs. We use the latest technologies such as CCTV cameras and pipe locating equipment to locate the cause of your blockage fast.

For pipeline roots in sewer lines, storm pipes and septic systems, we favour RootX, a simple, cost-effective alternative to installing new piping *. 

We ensure that we leave your property in the state we found it, committing to cleaning up any mess the blocked drain has caused, as well as disinfecting the area on completion. 

If you’d like regular drain maintenance, talk to your Sydney Emergency Plumbing plumber about our regular maintenance program, a great way to keep blocked drains at bay. 



*Conditions apply
* RootX is a non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic product and is classified as a General Use product by the Environmental Protection Agency. This product is designed especially to control tree roots from blocking drains.




Our Sydney plumbers are highly experienced in investigating and clearing your blocked drains using an electric eel. This process involves feeding a metal cable into the storm water line and / or sewer. This cable then rotates to cut root growth and release the debris that was blocking the line.




Using this method, a high pressure jet of water is sent into the storm water / sewer line. Using various different cutting heads, the operator can utilise the jet to break down roots, debris, grease and sludge. This is then flushed out of the line, making it completely clear.

Note: although the high pressure water jet and electric eel are highly effective methods of pipe clearing, neither can completely guarantee removal of the root growth permanently. This is because breakages in your pipes may allow further root growth. These breakages can only be detected using a CCTV camera (drain camera). Using the CCTV camera we can determine precisely what has caused your blockage; we can even provide a DVD for you to view.





Using a CCTV drain camera we can locate the source of a blockage or problem in your storm water lines / sewer. This indicates to both the plumber and the client what further steps are required. The client is provided with a DVD of the inspection. The problem is then discussed to ascertain whether excavation or sewer maintenance is needed.




Should excavation be required we use a pipe locator alongside the CCTV camera to locate the point of blockage and provide you with alternatives to correct the situation.

It is recommended that you have your lines checked and cleaned every 6-12 months to keep tree roots and excess build up of debris to a minimum.





We can service, maintain and replace faulty pumps located in your basement, stormwater or sewer pits.

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