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Piping Problems: Proper Insulation

Piping problems: proper insulation

Sufficient and effective pipe insulation is vital to efficient plumbing in your home. Many builders ignore this issue in order to cut costs. Good piping insulation is a must as it ensures longer lasting pipes and pipe lines and avoids any short term problems from the home owner.

The cost of poor thermal efficiency and water damage These days we all try hard to make our energy consumption as efficient as possible both to take care of the environment and to keep our energy bills down. If you ensure that your pipes are insulated properly, you will be making sure that the thermal efficiency in your home is at its best.

Well insulated pipes also create a vapor barrier which shields them against any moisture damage. This can greatly increase the longevity of your pipes.

Frozen pipes In areas where the temperature drops below zero, piping insulation is a must. If the pipes freeze in cold weather they may burst. Effective piping insulation can avoid this. Also the cost of insulating the pipeline much less than the cost of fixing a broken pipe. Sufficient insulation can decrease if not completely eradicate, the possibility of your pipe line freezing.

Materials for insulation The main function of insulation is to keep pipes from getting wet. Nowadays most people use a stiff closed-cell glass material for insulation. Unlike traditional fiber glass material, this new technology ensures that the moisture is kept out and is prevented from collecting.

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