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Load your dishwasher like a pro

Load your dishwasher like a pro

Skip the sink rinsing

Yes, toss away large chunks of food as those could potentially clog up the drain, but the dishwasher brings enough heat and water pressure to wash off even dried food.

Load from back to front

While it’s tempting to open the dishwasher a crack and pop something in there, it’s smarter to pull the drawer all the way out and load in the back.

Face the plates inward

Most dishwashers have sprayer arms radiating from the bottom centre of the machine. Make sure they face the centre to receive a proper rinse.

Big plates and bowls go on the bottom. Line up your big plates down the middle of the rack, and line the sides of the rack with larger bowls.

Smaller plates, glasses and coffee cups go on the upper rack. Line up the smaller plates in the centre of the rack, and circle the outside of the rack with the cups and mugs

Extra tips

Try running the hot water in your sink for a bit to ensure that the dishwasher begins the cycle with hot water and helps clear the drain of any debris.

You can also use your dishwasher to clean those grimy sink sponges. Just put them in the silverware holder for an entire cycle with hot water.

It’s always a good idea to have a plumber’s number on hand just in case, Sydney Emergency Plumbing 1800 862 565.

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