Switchboard repairs

Switchboard repairs Sydney

Think of your switchboard as the electrical heart of your home or office. It needs to be strong and healthy, if you want your lights, appliances and devices to work effectively.

Switchboards (also called fuse boxes) distribute power by controlling the flow of electricity to powerpoints. Switchboards that become overloaded can no longer do this. A blow out in your fuse box will cut the power to the circuit. This means you can’t use any devices connected to the powerpoints, until the switch is repaired.

If you’re using an old switchboard when this happens, an electrician will need to replace the fuse. Another option is to upgrade to a modern switchboard, which features a safety switch that you can simply flick to restore your electricity.

Old switchboards vs modern switchboards

Old switchboards tend to short-circuit, which can be dangerous, increasing the risk of fire and electric shock!

Modern switchboards, on the other hand, safely shut down the main power supply, at the first sign of power leakage. This protects your electronic devices, property and personal safety.

If there’s a problem with your power connection, our licensed electricians can inspect your switchboard. We will then discuss the best solution with you – whether that’s repairing your switchboard or upgrading it to a new one.

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