Surge protection

Surge protection Sydney

A power surge happens when there’s a spike in your property’s electrical current. Although this is very brief, it can shut off your electricals and create havoc.

All it takes is one fierce storm to damage your computer, telephone, TV and kitchen appliances. Basically, anything that’s plugged into the power is fair game.

Lighting strikes are a common culprit, but there are other causes too:

  • Turning on high-powered electrical devices, such as fridges and air conditioners
  • Bad or faulty wiring (this needs to be replaced by an electrician)
  • Damaged power lines
  • Animals getting trapped in electrical equipment
  • Electricity flowing back into all appliances after a blackout (overwhelming the system)

Surge protection provides the perfect solution:

Luckily there’s now a way to guard against unexpected power surges. This means you no longer have to worry about unplugging your appliances before a storm.

Surge protection devices guard your electricals by reducing the voltage coming through. We can help you choose the best approach for your property.

This might involve installing switchboards, power safety switch boards, or both. Our licensed electricians also examine your property to make sure there’s no underlying problems causing the power surge (such as faulty wiring).

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