Smoke alarm installation

Smoke alarm installation Sydney

NSW law dictates that smoke alarms must be installed on every level of your home. They’re mandatory because they alert you when there’s smoke in your house, by making a loud noise.

This helps to save lives and minimise property damage, in the event of a fire. Smoke detectors are an essential addition to any home or office, if you value personal safety.

But there’s no point in buying a smoke alarm if you don’t install it properly. It’s not good enough to put it in any location. For example, close proximity to a ceiling fan or air-conditioner is ineffective, since these appliances reduce the smoke.

It’s also important to mount the device high in the ceiling, because smoke always travels in this direction.

Correct smoke detector installation is everything

Our licensed electricians can supply the best smoke alarms for your property, from our range of quality products. We also install your smoke alarm in the optimal location, so you will definitely be alerted if there’s a fire.

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