Exhaust fan installations

Exhaust Fan Installations Sydney

You don’t want to feel like you’ve stepped into a sauna after you shower, do you?

There are a few benefits to installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom:

  • Clears the steam
  • Lowers humidity
  • Helps to freshen the room
  • Reduces the chance of mould building up

A little bit of steam may seem harmless, but you want to prevent it from building up in any room. It can be damaging in large quantities, causing physical damage to walls, tiles and any wood surfaces.

Peeling wallpaper, a stale odour and mould are a few signs of poor ventilation. Although minor damage can be fixed with a touch-up job, the last thing you want is for your bathroom to become infested with mould or mildew. This is a lot more difficult to fix, as well as dangerous to your health!

What rooms benefit from installing an exhaust fan ?

Rooms that benefit from having an exhaust fan include bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and laundries. Basically, any room that collects moisture through appliances (such as the washing machine, or stove).

Do I need an exhaust fan if there’s a window ?

Do you live in an old house? If so, it’s likely there’s no exhaust fan installed, or your current one is insufficient. You definitely need one if there are no windows in the room, to prevent moisture from accumulating. Most bathrooms with windows also feature an exhaust fan, for an extra layer of protection.

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