Ceiling fan installation

Ceiling fan installation

It’s not just your imagination, Australian summers are getting hotter. There’s nothing worse than trying to perform a simple task in the scorching heat. As for falling asleep at night? This becomes an impossible mission.

You can make your home or office more comfortable, by getting a professional to install ceiling fans.

A ceiling fan can make your room at least 4 degrees cooler – allowing you to cut down your energy bill by using less air conditioning.

Ceiling fans hang from the ceiling – making them a better option than traditional pedestal fans, if you want to free up floor space. They also tend to distribute air evenly around the room and you can even get ceiling fans with lighting.

Never attempt to install it yourself ?

Installing a ceiling fan is definitely not a DIY job. A qualified electrician must do this, according to Australian regulations that protect against injury and electrocution.

Keep in mind that ceiling fans hang from the ceiling, so they must be secured correctly. The last thing you want is for a fan to detach itself and hurt someone.

Our licensed electricians can safely install ceiling fans in any room. You can choose from a wide range of styles, depending on your taste and the logistics of your space.

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