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Are your drains or pipes blocked or damaged by tree roots?

Are your drains or pipes blocked or damaged by tree roots?

It’s a common plumbing problem: you have either drains not doing their job and draining water away or even worse, overflowing drains which bring foul-smelling, putrid, dirty water back into the house. The reason? Blocked drains.

But this time, instead of blocked drains caused by something inside the house, the culprit lies outside.

If you have trees in close proximity to your house, then there could be a lot going on underground that you are not privy to. If left untreated, tree roots can nestle in pipes and drains, cause blockages and manhole overflow as well as leave cracks in your pipes or even property foundations.

How do tree roots get into pipes?
Tree roots look deep underground for nutrients like food and water and unfortunatelly for you, this could be in the pipes and drains that lead to your home.

Some drains such as sewers are often too wet for tree roots to thrive but domestic drains are not constantly in use, allowing for periods of inactivity and thus dry conditions which is perfect for the roots to take up residence in your pipes.

Is this a diy job or should i call in the big guns?
If you want to nip this problem in the bud (ahem!), then it’s a job for us. Taking matters into your own hands and cutting the roots yourself, may worsen the situation by making the roots grow faster!

An alternative is to use root foam, such as Rootx, used by Sydney Emergency Plumbing, which stops tree root damage to your pipes without killing the trees or plants. Rootx helps stop tree roots from growing back for a short period of time. We use it as it is kinder on the environment than chemical root killers and it also benefits the ecosystem by promoting good bacterial growth to almost naturally get rid of the roots.

If this still does not fix the problem, then a long-term solution would be to reline or even replace pipes in a different material and larger size as well as uprooting the offending tree.

To prevent tree roots interfering with your plumbing in the future, ensure that you plant trees as far away from your property as possible (if you have a small garden, for instance) as well as slow-growing trees such as a Mountain ash or Himalayan birch which also provide a pop of colour. Or if the troublesome roots are still playing on your mind, consider planting larger plants or shrubs which are easier to maintain, helping to give you some peace of mind as far as roots are concerned.

By calling Sydney Emergency Plumbing, you will be met by a team equipped with water jetters, drain cutters and cctv equipment so we can truly get to the root of the problem.

We will provide a FREE PLUMBING INSPECTION of the rest of your property whilst we are on site and will advise you of your plumbing requirements for the future so you can plan and budget for plumbing in the future.

Call Sydney Emergency Plumbing on 1800 862 565 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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