5 Most Common Reasons Why Your Water Drains Are Blocked

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing problems that occur in all households. If you notice a bad smell coming from your drains or notice your sink taking an unusually long time to [...]

Dont get stuck during lockdown

Are you having any issues with your blocked drains? Don’t get caught out if we go into a full lockdown! Now more than ever is the time to get your drains checked before the Government decides to [...]

How to clear a blocked drain

Ok, so you’ve found yourself at home with a blocked drain. It may be the kitchen sink, shower, bath or toilet. Wherever it is, it’s going to need some swift action, otherwise you may soon have a [...]

Are your drains or pipes blocked or damaged by tree roots?

t’s a common plumbing problem: you have either drains not doing their job and draining water away or even worse, overflowing drains which bring foul-smelling, putrid, dirty water back into the [...]

Signs of a blocked drain

Flushing your toilet only to have it overflow onto the floor, or having your sink suddenly not empty, are nightmare scenarios for homeowners and one of the biggest reasons for calls to emergency [...]

Items that can block a drain

Strange but true – items that can block a drain! Over the years specialising in clearing blocked drains we have found many items causing drains to block. Some you would expect but [...]