When a plumbing emergency strikes, you have to act quickly, and often times, you need to make the decision as to which plumbing company to hire based on a quick phone conversation. If you’re planning a remodelling project or know that your home needs major improvements, such as pipe replacements, there is more time available to truly assess prospective plumbing companies. It’s important that you not only hire a plumber that fits your budget, but that you also select a company that is reputable and professional.

As you consider plumbers for your project, look out for these signs that separate professional plumbing companies from others.

  • Branded, well-maintained vehicles. You can tell a lot about a plumbing company by peeking out the window at the vehicle in which they arrive. Established plumbing companies should drive trucks or vans with their names and logos printed on the sides. Also, look at the condition of the vehicles. If a plumbing company doesn’t keep up with repairs on their vehicles, they may not keep their tools and equipment in good working order either.
  • Positive online reputation. Professional plumbing companies should have informative, professional-looking websites. In addition, when you search for the plumbing company’s name, you should find other results with positive reviews from past customers.
  • Respect for your home. Plumbers who show respect for your home are more likely to take their time and ensure that your job is done right the first time. Watch whether or not the plumber wipes his or her feet when they enter your home. They may also lay down coverings to protect the flooring or wear special protectors to keep from tracking dirt into your house.
  • Punctuality. If you set an appointment to meet with a plumber, be wary of companies that don’t arrive on time. While emergencies can arise and ruin a plumber’s schedule, a professional company will call and advise you of their arrival time if they are running late.
  • General appearance. While you’re not judging a beauty contest when you hire a plumber, you should look for a plumber that arrives well groomed and in a uniform. Companies where employees take pride in their appearances are more likely to take pride in the quality of their work.

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