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Is It Time to Replace Your Toilet?

Is It Time to Replace Your Toilet?
8th May 2013

Just like every appliance or fixture in your home, your toilet suffers wear and tear over the years. Parts wear out, and the exterior of the toilet can become discoloured or worn. Sometimes, toilet repairs are enough to get the fixture back in working order, but at some point, you're likely to need to replace the toilets in your home.

To help you determine if the time is right to replace your toilet, we've put together this list of indicators.

1. Your toilet now comes with instructions. Do you find yourself telling guests about a special trick to use to get the toilet to flush? Having to jiggle the handle, hold it down for several seconds or count the number of toilet tissue squares that you use can all be signs that your toilet is past its prime and ready for replacing.

2. You have had to call a plumber about your toilet on more than one occasion in the last two years. Toilets can leak and parts do require placing from time to time, but it's not normal for a toilet to need frequent servicing. Often times, replacing a problem toilet can save you money in the long run and will definitely eliminate the hassle and stress of sudden emergencies.

3. Your toilet has permanent stains and build-up. Over time, the inside rim of the toilet can become caked with debris that simply can't be removed no matter how vigorously you scrub. Not only is this unsightly, but it also can decrease the performance of your toilet.

4. Your water bills are higher than you'd like. As toilets age, they can leak and run for longer than necessary, resulting in increased water bills. Also, today's toilets are much more eco-friendly and use far less water than the models made decades ago. Even if you choose a standard single flush toilet, you stand to decrease your water usage when you replace your old model, and you can maximize your savings by opting for an attractive double flush toilet.

5. You've never been completely pleased with your toilet. If you've always had trouble flushing, not liked the appearance of your toilet or have been dissatisfied with it for another reason, it makes little sense to continue to repair and maintain your current model. You can upgrade to a design that better suits your decor or that performs the way you've always wanted.

If you're ready to upgrade your toilet for a newer model, Sydney Emergency Plumbing can help. We have a wide selection of models available, including water-saving double flush models, and we can handle the installation for you for an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more.

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