You don’t need to tolerate a wet, stinking pile of grease in the bottom of your garbage can. Instead, freeze your cooking oil after you use it.

After you’ve finished cooking, scrape all the oil into a sealable plastic bag, or use whatever container you may have, and put the excess oil in with all your other frozen items.

Simply the frozen oil out on garbage day and throw it in your trash. This is a safe, easy way to make sure you’ve disposed of the substance without ruining your trash can or clogging your plumbing.


Disposing of Bacon and Cooking Grease


Need an easy way to dispose of leftover grease from frying? Empty your kitchen sink, and put a piece of wide tin foil in the sink. Push the foil into the drain to make a little cup. Do not put any holes in the foil, and then place 2 pieces of paper towel in on top.

Place a colander over the paper towel. Drain whatever you are cooking. It will collect on top of tin foil or paper towel. Gather and close up the foil so that grease does not spill. Instead of throwing it into the garbage, put it at the bottom of the freezer to harden. Then throw it away on garbage day.