With seasonal droughts and rising utility prices, more and more Australians are looking for ways to be more responsible about their water consumption. If you’re among them, turning your sights to the amount of water that is used in your home’s bathrooms is one way to slash consumption a virtually a daily basis. One of the biggest water wasters in your home is your shower since it supplies a continuous stream of water for a prolonged period of time. To find out ways to make your shower more eco-friendly, read on.

Do You Need a Low Flow Shower Rose?

A low flow shower rose is one of the best water-saving devices that you can have in a bathroom. These devices control the amount of water that is distributed from the rose, greatly decreasing how much water is used during a shower. By most estimates, a low flow shower rose can save up to 2800 liters of water per month. Low flow showerheads are affordable and can be quickly installed by a professional plumber.

While any bathroom can benefit from the switch to a low flow shower rose, some homes are in more dire need. An easy way to tell if your current showerhead is a water waster is to place a bucket beneath the shower and turn on the water. If the bucket becomes filled with 4 liters of water in 20 seconds or less, you can definitely benefit from a low flow rose.

Other Tips for Conserving Water in the Shower

In addition to switching to a low flow shower rose, try the following tips to decrease water consumption.

  • Time yourself in the shower. By cutting down your shower time by just 1 to 2 minutes, you can save as many as 568 liters of water per month.
  • Improve your water heater. If you switch to a SmartStart or continuous flow hot water system, your shower will be hot the moment you turn it on, resulting in less wasted water.
  • Multi-task in the shower. Try to combine as many of the water-using tasks that you perform in the bathroom in the shower. By adding a shower mirror, you can often shave, brush your teeth and wash your face while you shower.
  • Collect the water. If you need to water your plants inside or outside, place a bucket or empty waste bin in the shower to collect water.

How are you working to save water in the shower or the rest of your bathroom? Share your tips in the “Comments” section.


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