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All About Dual-Flush Cisterns

All About Dual-Flush Cisterns
21st November 2012

When the rebate program for dual flush toilets was still available in Sydney, many customers contacted us about converting their toilets to a dual-flush system. Even though the program has ended, the benefits of having a dual-flush toilet cistern remain, and we highly recommend making the switch to many of our customers.

To help you determine if making the switch is right for you, we put together this handy guide to dual-flush cisterns.

How Dual-Flush Cisterns Work

Bruce Thompson of Caroma invented the dual-flush toilet in 1980. The idea behind the system was to cut back on water waste to contribute to conservation efforts during times of drought. The design was improved upon with the most modern version of the dual-flush cistern emerging on the market in 1993.

To understand how the dual-flush system works, it's important to know how a traditional single-flush toilet operates. When you flush a traditional toilet, water fills a siphoning tube and sucks the waste downward and out of the bowl. The dual-flush toilet eliminates the tube and instead uses the force of gravity to remove waste from the bowl. Dual-flush cisterns have different buttons for solid and liquid waste and use a higher volume of water to remove solids from the bowl.

Benefits of Dual-Flush Cisterns

Dual-flush systems offer many benefits to homeowners, including:

Water Conservation - The dual-flush system uses 67% less water than traditional toilets when used correctly. If your toilet is very old and has a leaky bowl, a new dual-flush cistern could lead to even bigger savings.

Lower Water Bills - The reduction in water usage associated with just one dual-flush cistern can save Australian families more than $150 per year on the cost of their water bills.

Fewer Clogs - The dual-flush cistern has a large trapway or opening at the bottom of the bowl, so it is far less likely to clog than a traditional toilet.

Potential Drawbacks of Dual-Flush Toilets

For most people, the primary deterrent to switching to dual-flush toilets is the cost for installation. Many homeowners are reluctant to invest in home improvements unless they are necessary to repair an existing problem; however, our customers find that with the annual savings related to dual-flush cisterns, the systems quickly pay for themselves and continue to offer savings year after year.

Sydney Emergency Plumbing offers competitive rates on dual-flush cisterns. Give us a call to learn more about how you can save money and water by making the switch.

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