Top 6 reasons not to ignore your shower leak

A leaking shower may not seem like a major problem because the water is easily contained within the shower and unlikely to cause a very large inconvenience. Still, ignoring a leaking shower can cause problems later down the track if left unrepaired. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should never let that shower leak continue:
1. Environmental Impact
The average leaky shower drips about 10 times per minute. Although just a tiny amount of water is contained in each drip, the amount of water wasted adds up over time. In one year, 10 drips per second adds up to nearly 1900 litres of wasted water. This has a profound impact on the environment, particularly during periods of drought.
2. Higher Water Costs
Any time that water is wasted, you are paying more for your water bills than you should. Over the course of a year, a leaking shower can use as much water as running your dishwasher 60 times. The wasted water that you’re paying for is literally going right down the drain.
3. Annoyance
If your bedroom is beside the bathroom, a leaking shower can interfere with your sleep. It can also be a nuisance when you’re brushing your teeth, applying makeup in the bathroom or using the toilet.
4. Unsafe Conditions
Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of injuries in homes and can have serious consequences, particularly for the elderly. A leaking shower left unrepaired can create a slippery floor surface that can lead to accidents.
5. Mould Growth
Bathrooms are very susceptible to the development of mould, which loves the humidity produced by showers and tubs. A leaky shower continuously adds moisture into the bathroom, further encouraging the growth of mould. When mould problems become severe, drywall and tile may need to be fully replaced to remove it. Some types of mould are even toxic and can make you and your family members sick with prolonged exposure.
6. Structural Problems
Chronic dampness can lead to a number of problems in the bathroom. If the walls are constantly wet, the drywall can rot, and the framing can become more susceptible to invasion by pests like termites. Drips can also cause unsightly cosmetic problems in bathrooms, such as staining on painted surfaces.

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