Top 4 improvements to prevent roof leaks

No matter how severe the problem, roof leaks are an inconvenient hassle. A leak means hiring an emergency roof plumber to come out and address the problem, and in severe cases can result in damage to your walls. Left unattended, roof leaks can create mould problems that could have serious consequences for your health.

While a storm or high winds can damage a roof and cause a sudden leak that is unavoidable, often times, leaks could have been prevented with some basic repairs. By upgrading or addressing problems early, you can minimise your risk of leaks and potentially avoid emergency situations down the road. Here are the top four improvements that you can make to help prevent roof leaks:
1. Colourbond Roofs –
Many people who have worn out surfaces on their roofs avoid getting help because they believe the entire roof must be replaced to address the problem; however, this is not the case. A roof plumber can install a Colourbond roof in an area that has suffered wear and tear. These durable roofs are designed to perfectly match the rest of the roofing surface, so they offer protection without detracting from the appearance of your home.
2. Gutter Guards –
When debris becomes clogged in the gutters, water can quickly back up onto the roof and enter your home. Gutter guards are a simple and effective way to decrease the likelihood of this occurring. Gutter guards are caps that fit onto gutters. While they still allow water to easily run off of the roof, they prevent leaf litter and other types of materials from entering, reducing the chances of clogs.
3. New Downpipes and Guttering –
Over the years, downpipes and guttering can become worn due to the effects of debris and the natural flow of water. The metal may look in good condition from the outside but could be corroded inside. In these cases, replacing the downpipes and guttering can help water flow more easily through the roof plumbing and reduce the chance of blockage.
4. Attic Ventilation Systems –
The heat from your home rises and collects in the attic, and the effects of this heat can do damage to roofing materials over time. An attic ventilation system helps release this heat from the attic space to protect the roof. Attic ventilation can also help to keep the upper floors of a home cooler, decreasing energy costs during the summer months.

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