Common DIY Plumbing Disasters

It might seem tempting to try plumbing repairs on your own. After all, it could be as simple as replacing a washer or flicking a switch, right? Not always. Do-it-yourself plumbing can often end up in disaster and spiral in cost. So much so that Australian plumbing product supplier Reece recently initiated a “DIY Disasters Competition”, inviting entries for the most amusing, bizarre, and alarming DIY plumbing projects in Australia.

DIY plumbing can result in water or gas leaks, flooding, explosions, fires, or serious injury. Here are some of the most common DIY plumbing mistakes:
Faulty attachments
Piping is crucial to your plumbing system and must be sealed properly and professionally, sometimes with rubber cement or industry-strength glue. If you’re tempted to duct tape together two different types of material, or prop up your plumbing system with half a plastic bottle, it is only a matter of time before it begins to leak into the property.
Dealing with slopes and pipe angles
It is best to avoid laying down piping without using a level. Curved piping should always be attended by professionals to avoid further leaks and serious repair.
Drains need traps to deal with foreign objects and gases that travel through your pipes. U-traps, S-traps, and P-traps are among the most commonly installed traps in a plumbing system. Faulty installations may lead to gases becoming trapped in your drain. When you use a professional plumber, they will follow strict codes and work with council regulations.
Over-tightening faucet handles
Sometimes strength does not always achieve the best results. Pushing or heavily tightening faucets is the easiest way to strip the threads, which often leads to breakage or leaks.
Taking apart your plumbing components might be relatively easy, but what happens when you’re done? There are probably a bunch of parts on the floor, and it might be difficult to remember what goes where. Plumbers report that reassembling kitchen faucets and shower valves often proves problematic for DIY plumbing projects.
Voiding your warranty
Before you begin your DIY plumbing project, consider the consequences of a voided guarantee. If you install or tamper with a bathroom or kitchen appliance yourself and cause damage, it may void your warranty. If a professional plumber carries out the work, you benefit from a repairs guarantee.

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