As the owner of a rental property, you want to keep your operating costs as low as possible, so that you can maximise your short-term returns on investment. Many landlords make the mistake of skipping preventative maintenance for their building plumbing systems in order to save money, but this can have many consequences. If you haven’t called a commercial plumber to inspect your rental property in a while, doing so can provide many benefits, including:

1. Spotting sources of water wastage.
Keeping utility prices low at your property is an important focus, and having a plumbing inspection performed can help. A commercial plumber can identify where water is being wasted due to leaky taps or inefficient fixtures and recommend improvements that can lead to lower water bills.

2. Lower repair costs.
Although a plumbing emergency can happen suddenly, in most cases, the underlying problem that causes the emergency develops gradually over time. A plumbing inspection can uncover potential problems, so that minor repairs can be performed before a costly emergency situation occurs.

3. Decreased risk of property damage.
If a pipe bursts or a major leak occurs, the damage to your rental property (e.g. damage to carpets, framework, and the development of mould) could be much costlier than that of the actual repairs. Having a commercial plumber inspect your entire property can protect your investment.

4. Identification of potential improvements.
Most plumbing improvements in rental properties are tax deductible and can help to decrease your liabilities at the end of the year. Commercial plumbers often find areas where improvements can be made to not only reduce your taxes owed, but can also increase the value of your property.

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