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Plumbing tricks for peace of mind during your holiday

21st October 2015

You might be going on a local holiday for a few weeks or a cruise for a few months. You’ve packed your suitcase, donned your t-shirt and shorts and you’ve covered yourself in factor 50 sun cream. Congratulations, you’re holiday ready.


Or are you?


There might be a little something you have forgotten about in your excitement… your plumbing, perhaps?


It’s probably the furthest thing from your mind and we agree the thought of sipping sangria on the beach is much more appealing than getting to grips with your u-bend, but we’ve compiled a nifty list of checks for you to carry out the week before you leave, so you can rectify any problems and get down to more serious matters in the run-up to your holiday… like what clothes to pack!

That time of year…

If you’re leaving home for any period of time of more than a weekend, we recommend you switch off the water at the main water supply using a shut-off valve. Then, turn your kitchen tap on and run the water until it’s gone. You might have enough for a glass of water or enough to wash the dishes, so put it to good use instead of letting it pour down the drain!

On the other hand, if your trip is in winter, then it is always a good idea to keep the heating on low to keep water moving thus avoiding frozen pipes.

As well as your indoor taps, head outside and drain any other taps in the garden. If you have a sprinkler system, either switch this off in winter or set it on a timer to keep your grass healthy and luscious.


A few days before your holiday…


In the run-up to your holiday, there are a lot of exciting things to get ready, like buying new holiday clothes or changing your holiday money into a different currency. That’s why we’ve compiled an easy checklist so you can whizz around your house knowing that your house is in the best condition possible while you are away.


  • Run a final spin of the dishwasher and washing machine: pour a cup of white vinegar in the drawer before leaving the door open once finished so that they are clean and well-aerated whilst you are away


  • Check the washing machine hose for any signs of leaks coming from minute cracks where the rubber has been bent around other appliances or stretched round corners


  • Scan your boiler or water heater for any signs of rusting or leaking


  • Keep fridge and freezer doors securely shut and make sure you keep them plugged in before you set off on your jollies… you don’t want any frozen food or ice to defrost into a sorry puddle on the floor or your holiday mood will melt along with it.


  • Don your rubber gloves and clean drains and plug holes in sinks, baths and showers so there is minimal bacteria lurking whilst you’re away. A build-up of hair caught in shower drains or food in the kitchen sink trap can cause foul odours and we guarantee there’s no other way to bring on your post-holiday blues quicker than an eggy-smelling house!


  • It is always a good idea to leave a spare set of keys with a trusted neighbour who can let themselves in and check your property over. Show them where the boiler and shut-off valve is and make them aware of any previous plumbing problems you may have had so they can. Show them the boiler and shut off valve so they can easily locate it in case something goes wrong and talk them through any previous plumbing problems so they can keep a watchful eye and contact your local plumber should anything go awry.


One last thing to remember: always check your home insurance for what is covered (burst pipes, leaking, etc.) in the event that you are hit by the unlucky stick!


If you have any queries about keeping your home safe from plumbing problems whilst you are away on holiday, call Sydney Emergency Plumbing on 1800 862 565. We can provide a FREE PLUMBING INSPECTION REPORT with your next paid service.

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