Is it necessary to get leaking plumbing fixed?

As a full service plumbing company, Sydney Emergency Plumbing provides a complete plumbing inspection report to every homeowner that we have the pleasure to serve. Leaky water heaters, pipes, taps, showerheads and toilet valves are among the most common problems that we encounter when we’re checking homes for plumbing problems.

A slowly leaking tap can waste up to 20,000 litres of water per year – that’s enough to fill a backyard pool. While the severity of leaks can vary greatly from house to house, roughly one-tenth of homes have leaks severe enough to waste more than 340 litres of water per day.

When we present our plumbing inspection reports to homeowners, many times we’re asked if it’s really necessary to worry about a leak. The overwhelming answer to whether or not you should have your leaking plumbing fixed is “yes.” Looking more deeply at the question, there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t ignore a leak.

Cost – It’s understandable for homeowners to be cautious when it comes to making repairs that they think could be unnecessary, but as we tell our customers, fixing a leak is a real money-saver in the long run. The average savings on water bills that comes from fixing a leak amounts to at least 10% for most families. Plus, if your hot water heater is leaking, repairing the problem can save on your energy costs as well.

Environmental Impact – For those trying to live a greener lifestyle, repairing leaks is a major way that you can contribute to the health of the planet. While water is a renewable resource, our water must be processed to ensure that is safe for drinking, cooking and bathing. This requires energy consumption and supplies of freshwater to be readily available. Wasting water depletes these supplies and requires unnecessary energy use. Also, water waste has been shown to harm eco-systems around rivers and streams.

Safety – A leaky tap in the tub or a dripping showerhead can be more than a nuisance; it can also be dangerous. Even moderate leaks can cause puddles to form on the floor of the shower or tub. If you’re not expecting the wet floor, you could easily slip and fall. This problem is particularly concerning for the elderly who are more prone to serious injuries from falls.

Property Damage – Depending on the location of your leak, letting the problem continue without repairs can lead to serious property damage. Moisture produced by leaks increases your risk for developing fungus and mildew, including toxic mould that can cause illnesses. Over years, even small leaks can lead to water damage to walls, ceilings and flooring that can cost several times the cost of plumbing services to repair.

If you know you have a leak anywhere in your plumbing or suspect you may have one in your pipes or water heater, don’t wait to get help or ignore the problem; contact Sydney Emergency Plumbing for affordable leak repair services to protect your family, your home and the planet.