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Nightmare DIY: Kitchen Jobs Gone Wrong

10th November 2015

               DIY Kitchen Nightmare

People often injure themselves over the holiday period when they finally get round to fixing the smelly drain or leaky tap in the rush to get everything fixed before guests arrive. The kitchen also sees its fair share of DIY holiday jobs gone awry and we’ve got a few common fails as well as some tips so you can learn from these mistakes before you make them!

Storage shrieks

We all know someone who has a horror story relating to storage. If it’s not put-it-together-yourself-in-six-hours cupboards, then it’s drawers that don’t close properly or you need to close one cupboard so you can open another, causing lots of frustration… and don’t even get us started on fake cupboards. Why?

Inspiration and invention are also sources for DIY disasters, such as taking a washing machine drum and turning it into a barbeque… sparks certainly flew… or trying to rewire coloured spot lights… which thrust the whole neighbourhood into darkness!

House of horrors

Walls have collapsed and houses have nearly come down when people have taken professional work into their own hands…

We’ve been called out to clients who have tried to re-tile their kitchen only to knock a huge hole in the wall. We’ve had another who has tried to do some crafty pipe rearranging and unblocking, only for water to flood the kitchen and ruin the newly laid floor… as well as the ceiling below.

These are just a few incidents that show even when you think you have finished a DIY job, sometimes it can come back to bite you! But we must warn you not to tinker with any tricky electrical or plumbing jobs – there is a real safety issue around these jobs and you only need to get it wrong once for things to go disastrously wrong!


Why why why?

Why do people make such a mess of their DIY jobs?

People often underestimate the skill involved in a simple job such as screwing a cupboard door on – it needs to be straight and ideally held in place by an extra pair of hands to avoid any wonkiness and allow it to shut properly.

As well as overlooking the skill involved, people also underestimate the cost of DIY projects… we’ve known people who started kitchen or bathroom renovations only for them to take years to complete, or they are still waiting to find the funds to finish them. This has left some of our customers in sticky spots, such as being left without a toilet for days (they had to rely on community WCs!) or a leaky shower for years and years. To avoid this hassle, we can’t stress enough how important it is to plan your project.

Think you can save money by doing it yourself? Think again. When screwing in new heavy lighting over the hob in their kitchen island, our client was hoping for a brighter workspace. Unfortunately, the lights weren’t securely fixed in the ceiling and they came crashing down, smashing the glass hob in the process. So one thing you can be sure of when entering into the minefield of DIY is to expect the unexpected!

How to avoid bodge jobs

There are ways you can avoid ruining your home with some smart thinking before you undertake any DIY job:

-       Watch several videos online, read manuals and make sure you have the right tools for the job. What’s the saying? Fail to prepare and you’ll end up hammering a nail into your finger!

-       Don’t dive in at the deep end. Take baby steps with your DIY endeavours and learn what you’re good at and what could do with help from friends or even contractors who would rather help than see you mess it up.

-       Call the professionals and make sure they are suitably certified

One final word


If you are going to wear the ‘DIY Pro’ badge, then make sure you have the right safety equipment, including goggles, gloves and overalls if necessary and you should also check your home and contents insurance, just in case any disasters do happen. But, if you want to improve or fix your property without worrying about hurting yourself, your wallet or your home, then renting is the perfect option: you leave the minefield that is home improvement up to your landlord to navigate.

Good luck tending to your home and plumbing, but remember, if your woes are bigger than your tool box can handle, then please call Sydney Emergency Plumbing’s team on 1800 862 565 so we can help make life easier for you.

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