5 reasons to hire an industrial plumber for your eyewash installation

If you’re installing new eyewash systems in your factory or industrial space, you may be tempted to attempt the installation of the new safety equipment yourself, but this is often problematic. As a business owner, you want to minimise costs as much as possible, but employee safety is not an area in which you can afford to make mistakes. Here are five big reasons why it’s best to leave the installation of eyewashes up to a professional industrial plumber.
1. Government requirements Eyewash stations are required in many types of industrial spaces by federal and state laws. In addition to the requirement to have an eyewash, most regulations also mandate that the eyewash stations be installed to meet certain specifications. Because laws can change frequently, it’s possible that there are new requirements since the last time you had an eyewash station installed. Failure to adhere to the requirements could result in costly fines.
2. Legal liability If an eyewash station is installed improperly and an accident occurs, the poor performance of the safety equipment could result in an employee becoming severely injured. As a result, your business could be held liable and subject to litigation, and in some cases, you personally could bear legal responsibility as well.
3. Lost work time During an eyewash installation, many problems and unexpected challenges can arise. If you’ve taken an employee away from his or her regular duties to install the eyewash, you may find that he or she must spend more time than you anticipated, resulting in longer-than-necessary missed work time.
4. Testing needs Once an eyewash is installed, it must be tested to ensure that it is functioning properly. Only an experienced industrial plumber knows precisely what to look for during a test. An untrained employee may miss a potential sign of trouble that could cause issues for your employees in the event of an accident.
5. The expense of not seeking expert help The cost of having an eyewash installed by an industrial plumber is nothing compared to the cost and damage caused by legal action.

An experience professional service like Sydney Emergency Plumbing can usually complete the job in a short amount of time. Contact our friendly experts on 1800 862 565 to determine the cost to have an eyewash installed in your facility.


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