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How to set up and implement a plumbing maintenance schedule for your home

19th October 2015

Just as you keep your home neat and tidy (we hope you do, anyway!) you should also get into the habit of keeping your plumbing in order. Rather than leave it until the shower is a mouldy mess or your toilet looks like it’s been tortured, follow these steps to get into a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule.


But wait, what’s that, I hear you say?


“I’ll just call the plumber if I need to?”


Well, yes, we’d love to see you for a cup of coffee. But what we’d rather see is a shiny tap and a clean toilet. Now there’s an idea for a postcard…


Plumbing tips that will see you through the year


  • Keep a well-stocked plumbing toolbox (a blog article with everything you need is coming soon!) so you can fix any small problems like a leaky tap


  • Every three months, give everything a deep clean with white vinegar, which will become your best friend. You can clean shower heads, taps and most furnishings with it, as well as placing a cup in your washing machine and dishwasher and putting them on a clean spin to keep things fresh.


  • Each time you get a utility bill, check for unusually higher costs than usual. This shows you are using more water than normal and could be a sign you have a leak somewhere.


  • Every three months (and as you need to in winter), pour several buckets of hot water down your drains to flush any stagnant water away and get rid of leaves, which should also be raked and collected away from manholes to avoid causing blockages.


  • Staying outside, fill in any cracks in your yard or house walls so that rainwater doesn’t get in and cause damp.


  • Learn how to unblock a toilet. It doesn’t take long to learn and is a skill that will serve you throughout your life, after all who knows what tricky situations you may be in in the future?


  • It goes without saying to repair leaks as and when they arise, but how do you spot them? Check for wet floors around fridges and showers which could indicate a loose fitting or that water is not draining away properly.


  • Check all appliances regularly for rust, corrosion and cracks as well as making sure door handles and taps are tightly fitted and there are no loose nuts or bolts
  • If you have already had problems before, routinely check these areas and perhaps call in your plumber a few weeks before going on holiday to give your property a once over and address any problems.


  • Know where the shut-off valve is and how it works (we have an article all about shut-off valve’s coming soon!)


  • In winter, use draught excluders and insulation in colder areas of your property to help save you some pennies.


  • Get an annual servicing on your heating system as well as checking if your boiler is in tip top condition before winter sets in. We recommend you run the heating every month just to keep things moving.


  • Last but certainly not least, get a carbon monoxide detector fitted and check it every year. Your safety is the most important thing here.


Look after your home and your home will look after you


If you have questions on any of the points above or have a plumbing problem you would like some advice on, call Sydney Emergency Plumbing today on 1800 862 565.


We can help you with any number of household and industrial plumbing issues such as gas leaks, hot water systems and grease trap cleaning, to name but a few. Just let us know if you’d like to be put on our regular maintenance program that will help keep blocked drains and other nasties from reoccurring.

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