Dont get stuck during lockdown

Are you having any issues with your blocked drains?

Don’t get caught out if we go into a full lockdown! Now more than ever is the time to get your drains checked before the Government decides to shut us all down.

We are currently getting a MASSIVE increase in people having issues with Blocked Drains due to so many people being in isolation and working from home.

All of that toilet paper has to go somewhere! If you got stuck without some recently and switched to ‘flushable’ wipes, paper towel, or tissues, you could be in even more strife! NEVER place wipes or paper towels in your toilet !!

We are currently offering to our loyal customers a Blocked Drain service that includes a FREE camera inspection.
This service is normally valued at $450 + GST now only $300 + GST for the first hour! (7.30am – 2.30pm Monday – Friday)

Don’t wait! Call us now on 1800 862 565 to get a Plumber there before it’s too late!