Top 10 ways that businesses can conserve water

Today, companies have a responsibility to be as environmentally responsible as possible. One way that businesses can decrease the size of their eco footprints is by taking steps to reduce water consumption. Here are 10 ways that companies like yours can conserve water and reduce their environmental impact:

  1. Make it a team effort. Discuss the importance of water conservation with every member of your team. Have everyone take ownership of the goal and work together to reduce how much water is used.
  2. Install dual flush toilets. By replacing all of the cisterns in your facilities with dual flush models, you can greatly reduce your water consumption by as much as 69,000 litres per toilet, annually.
  3. Make plumbing inspections a quarterly task. Every 3 months, have a professional commercial plumber inspect your plumbing for leaks. Even small leaks can amount to hundreds of litres over the course of a year.
  4. Use drought tolerant plants for landscaping that require less frequent watering.
  5. If you have any fountains or other decorative water hardscapes on your property, only have them in operation during business hours.
  6. Have a commercial plumber install water-saving equipment on any cooling towers in your facility.
  7. Keep water pressure set at recommended levels for your industry or business. If the water pressure is too high for your needs, more will be expended when you turn on the tap.
  8. If you have showers on the premises for employees, replace the existing shower heads with low flow models.
  9. Wash the vehicles in your fleet less frequently. Try using microfibre cloths that can remove dirt when dry, so that you can use less water in the washing process.
  10. Have water-saving aerators installed on all faucets by a commercial plumber.

At Sydney Emergency Plumbing, we are available to assist you with all of the necessary inspections, improvements and repairs that are needed to help your business conserve water. As a full-service commercial plumber, we are accustomed to working in all types of business settings. When you call us to perform one job like installing dual-flush cisterns, we’ll provide you with a free complete plumbing inspection, which can detect leaks or any other problems with your plumbing that could be contributing to water wastage.