Items that can block a drain

Strange but true – items that can block a drain!
Over the years specialising in clearing blocked drains we have found many items causing drains to block. Some you would expect but others….how did they get down there??
The usual suspects
The most common items that block drains are tree roots, leaves, branches and twigs. Tree roots can force their way into small cracks in ceramic pipes and continue to grow, slowly but surely blocking drains. Removing trees from near your pipelines, cutting back trees overhanging your gutters and clearing your gutters regularly can help eleviate the problems caused by these common culprits!
The unusual, unexpected, inappropriate and inexplicable
Although we shouldn’t really need to say so the following items, which we have retrieved or removed from block drains, should NEVER go down a drain!

A wine bottle, long handled BBQ tongs, beer glasses, women’s sanitary products, nappies, toilet freshener holders, gutter guard mesh, take away dipping sauce containers, a bird! This is just the start…to be continued!