How to choose a plumber for bathroom renovations

Changing the tub, shower, sink or toilet in your bathroom can dramatically improve the appearance of the space and make it possible to get an entirely new look without having to replace other elements like the cabinetry. Whether you’re planning to update just one plumbing fixture or you wish to completely redo your bathroom, hiring the right plumbing contractor is the key to a successful project and the results you want.

As you start to explore your options for plumbing contractors, you’ll find that there are many companies that want your business. We put together this handy guide to help you choose the right plumbing contractor.
Research your options
Before you make a single phone call, spend some time researching plumbers in your area. Google is a great place to start. Take some time to look at the websites of plumbers in your area and make a list of those that specialize or have experience in bathroom renovations. Then, search for each company name and visit the results that appear on the first page. This is a great way to find reviews of plumbing contractors and see what real customers have to say. Use the information you gather to make a list of at least three to five plumbing contractors.
Pre-screen and schedule consultations
Once you have a short list of plumbing contractors, call each one. Pay attention to details, such as whether or not your call is answered professionally and how friendly and personable the person that you speak to is.

Before you agree to a consultation, you should quickly pre-screen the plumber. Ask for his or her license number and who his or her insurance carrier is. If a plumber isn’t licensed or doesn’t have insurance, don’t schedule a consultation.
Meet the plumbers
During the consultation phase, you’ll discuss your goals for your project. Look for a contractor who listens carefully to what you say, as this individual is likely to be easy to work with down the road. You’ll also want to ask him or her some questions, including:

  • How many bathroom renovations have you done? Were any of the projects similar to ours?
  • Do you have any photographs of previous jobs that you’ve completed?
  • Do you have a list of references that we can contact?
  • How quickly will you have a bid to us, and how quickly can you start on the project?

Comparing bids
When you receive bids from plumbing contractors, take some time to study them. Don’t just compare the price. Take a look at what each bid includes. If you prefer one contractor to another with a lower price, contact him or her and discuss the differences. Sometimes, changes can be made to the project to lower the price.

Here at Sydney Emergency Plumbing, we have performed hundreds of bathroom renovations and would love the opportunity to speak with you about your project. For more information, please give us a call.


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