Here’s our simple step-by-step guide on how to install a toilet

Buy a toilet that fits Before you head out and buy a new toilet, make sure you measure the space from the wall to where the base of the toilet will sit. There’s nothing worse than buying a [...]

How to clear a blocked drain

Ok, so you’ve found yourself at home with a blocked drain. It may be the kitchen sink, shower, bath or toilet. Wherever it is, it’s going to need some swift action, otherwise you may soon have a [...]


So, you’ve found yourself with a clogged toilet, sink, bath or shower – one of the most common household disasters! Not to worry, in this blog post we’ll be going over how to [...]

How to clean a smelly drain

Smelly drains are unfortunately a common problem in many households. The good news is, it’s usually an easy problem to resolve and one that can be done without having to call a plumber (in most [...]